Airs New Advertisements Throughout Los Angeles Airs New Advertisements Throughout Los Angeles  
LA Startup’s Ad and Billboard Blitz Touts Benefits of Sharing Economy 

LOS ANGELES, CA– Beginning Friday, April 7 residents of Southern California will begin to see TV ads for is an online marketplace where users can list items to be rented, or rent items to use, the Airbnb or Uber for your 'stuff.’ The ads will run on cable networks including; ESPN, HGTV, MSNBC, FX, and Tru TV throughout the Los Angeles area.

Shot using high-end cameras and equipment all rented through, what could have been a $100,000 expense was rented for about $1,900. The 30 second ad can be viewed here.

The ad focuses on the money users can make, and continue to make as their items are rented through A garage full of items sitting and collecting dust could be listed online and rented, helping to bring in extra money to pay the bills and burdening debt.

“As part of the sharing economy we want to show people how easy it is to make money off the stuff they already own and have sitting in their garage or storage locker,” said CEO and founder Elias Chavando. “With a growing number of people needing a supplemental income to pay their bills we are presenting as an easy way to make money and to keep making money.”

In addition to the television ads, there will be two billboards in the Los Angeles area advertising for One will be along the 405 Freeway near LAX and another in the San Fernando Valley. is the only online and mobile marketplace where people can list items for rent to others. They have partnered with several rental businesses providing them with an inventory of thousands of items ready to be rented out. It is available online at and the mobile app is available for iOS on the iTunes store.