Pre-releases Its First TV Commercial is a website where you can make money and keep making money by renting out items you own without letting them go.

So, if you need extra money for that vacation, to payoff loans or just to keep being awesome (with extra money, in your pocket), take a look around your house, your garage, your attic, and your storage locker. List your items for rent, make money, make new friends and have fun. 

For Renters.
What you need to get it done is at
If you need to complete a project, you need items for your vacation, or feel in the mood for trying a new hobby without spending money to buy stuff, with you can try it before you buy it. With 

At you are able to rent just about anything from tools and equipment, to party supplies, photo and video gear, medical equipment and sporting gear. Just about Anything.

For owners.
Up to now, you could either let your items collect dust, or sell them for pennies on the dollar and they are gone forever. With you keep making money every time you rent them and you still own and can use them anytime you need. You know that old saying of "having your cake and eating it too?". With, you can have your treasures and be wealthier too! Become a Rentlord today!

Listing your items is free. There is no limit as to how many items you can list. You don't require a business license. Just your willingness to be awesome, accommodate the simple needs of your renters, sit back and see your bank account grow.

It's easy. We work for you. We handle the transaction including security deposits and the rental and delivery fees. When the renter returns the items, we immediately process a payment to you. We earn a success fee of just 20%. This covers the credit card fees and our expenses. That easy, that profitable.

For Rental Companies.
For companies in the rental business, provides a platform to reach more and more committed customers. We have "Boost Packages" for companies to get more exposure and more leads. We invest large amounts of money and have a dedicated team of some of the best internet marketing professionals driving traffic to your listings. Contact us for details and to arrange a visit from one of our consultants. Again, listing is free even for companies.